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Anonymous said...

to: xxx soy xxx

There are many plans being put into place to make this happen. Very large steps are being taken by the union in preperation. As to what you can expect from NCR when we start the process in Washington to unionize is threats, promises and union's are bad lectures. LIES!

Many questions will be anwsered tonight on the online chat at this blog site 8:00pm.


xXx Soy xXx said...

Ill be there its 5:00 PM Im in California I have lots of questions myself

xXx Soy xXx said...


Here is a breakdown of a CE making 50,000 a year with a 5% bonus (which we NEVER get) versus a 2.5% PAY RAISE over a 10 year period. Keep in mind that the cost of living increase is about 3% a year.

CE3’s in New York (union) are making $1172.69 average salary as of 7/1/2007.

They STILL get a pension.

2 Consecutive days off per week.

2 week shift change notification

4 hours admin time

12 hour / day work maximum

10% availability pay increase over non-union (last 3 years) $17.00 / $40.00

111 CE’s grandfathered from” Rebanding” (lowering title and wages)

154 members grandfathered from shift premium reductions

Freeze Vehicle Plan preference and weekly premium ($59.00 for 3 years)

PLUS !!!!!!!

What will NCR take next? Our 5th week of vacation? Maybe 2? Increase our medical while dropping coverage of benefits again? Force us for 1 hour of travel in each direction every day on our time? It will NEVER end as long as we have no voice.

Look at your local news paper when salaries are published. Who’s at the top? Rank and file police, UNION, firefighters, UNION, teachers, UNION. Who’s jobs are secure? Utilities – telephone, gas, electric, UNION. Ask a teacher, policeman, or a firefighter what kind of pension they’re retiring with? 60% – 70% - 80% ???

We may be in a different industry, but our needs are the same. We are talented and needed individuals who deserve decent wages and benefits for our talents and years of experience and dedication. We need to take back the pride we once had in ourselves and our company that we used to have. But we first need to be treated fairly. WE NEED A VOICE !!! WE NEED A UNION to be strong in numbers. The very small cost of union dues would be paid back tenfold in time.

Why didn’t management take a pay cut?

How about the CEO and his stock options?


A few years ago when the pay cuts first hit,

NCR management said it was a ONE TIME deal. NEVER AGAIN.

If NCR thinks that a union can do nothing for us, then why are they so afraid of letting us have one?

Unions do not run the company. They simply help us make sure that we are treated fairly.

That we have some quality of life. That we have a say in how we are treated instead of just bending over all the time and saying OUCH!

Now is the time. It may be the ONLY shot we have. NOW OR NEVER.


If you really think that NCR has taken all that there is to take, think again.

History ALWAYS repeats itself !!!

you can rot said...

Hey ANONYMOUS in Texas why don't you put on your listening ears. I have not posted in awhile, I did not post in the middle of the day ( that was rat bastard ), and I am not a manager. You piece of shit is everyone that doesn't kiss your ass a manager? You must be one of the mute losers I keep talking about. When was the last time you opened your mouth around people who know you? Craw back in your hole, when you grow a set then you can come back out.

Now see what I get when I try to be nice to you losers. I get bashed by some loser 2 days after I say and do something nice. I did not even post when CONCERENED called me a troll and said I was a company plant. I was trying to be nice in respect of YOU ALL KNOW WHO THIS IS (one of the few people here with some since)

Hey CONCERENED how do you know you did not meet me in training? Do you call me your friend?

What am I saying ANONYMOUS or SKEETER or whatever your name is? You are to stupid to understand.

Hey PewterPlate you should watch who you are agreeing with, look what happens when you say something the losers can't handle.

Anonymous said...

It is time for the CSR's at NCR to unionize or your future at NCR is to go down the ladder. NCR will promise you stars, then give you the moon.

Anonymous said...

Hey You Can Rot, FUCK YOU!!!!
I hope your driving home after working 26 hours staight, hit a tree & burn to death you asshole!!

Mark said...

Why cant grown men act like adults and keep the disgusting langage away from this, I know its a heated thing, and your tempers get hot. Just walk away. We are all trying to do the best for our families. If you dont agree with some one fine. I dont agree with everything that has been sad here either, but I take the time to calm down and I remember these are hard working persons who just want to get paid what they are worth and to have some kind of "sucess" financaly and be able to support there families. The name calling and cutting each other down isent needed. Telling others that they cant do there jobs, is out of place also. I have only been with NCR for 2.5 years. Im 45 and guess what the guys I know who have been here for over 25 still have bad days. The whole idea here is for unity. Either with the Union or without. I personally support the union idea, My father was in the IBEW for 40 years and even though he dident agree with everything they did, he does have a good pension and was protected from pay cuts and random fireings.

Thats my 2 cents, remember guys we ALL want have some security. So lets act our age and try to get along.

Cicero said...

To Join the online chat....make sure you refresh the front page and look for the link to the right that says "Enter Live Chat"

Ports are limited with this service so please be patient if you cannot get in right away.

Anonymous said...

Did you guys see Bill Nutty's driving down the road I'm so happy e-mail? It amazes me how evil men think their doing something good while they destroy people's lives.

Anonymous said...

ok why not stop the peddy namecalling

Anonymous said...

no name calling lets have a good conversation about issues

Anonymous said...

i am not going to be there for the online chat this time but will there be a nuther that we can get in to later

Anonymous said...

So,it all starts in Boston once again.......that's inspiring.

Anonymous said...

guys columbia sc has inited a workers disp action against ncr. would greenville augusta, charston florance and myrtle beech and south charlotte anyone living in sc get in touch with the any older workers in columbia We need your name and age and time if you would like to help. you must live in sc to be part of this but each state needs to file

Anonymous said...

Are you guys stupid???!!! I'm sorry you might not be married anymore but you're going to have this blog on valentines day????????????????? I can't get away from the wife while you play your games. we want a vote or go away, the company has already started to tell their territory managers to start beating us again and that the union is not a threat anymore.

Anonymous said...

I'm married and I think it's important and the wife should understand. Mine does! After all she should play a role in your life right? If you think it's a game you should maybe reevaluate the magnitude of the situation here. If you want a vote then there is work to be done and time spent doing it. Spending a hour away from loved ones should be the a no brainer. We do a heck of a lot more time away from family on a average on call week don't ya think??? How much more can the TM beat you? Just say NO!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rot, I'm posting in the middle of the day cause I'm shift off, Going to work all weekend again. Sounds like you had a great day at the office, too many confrence calls again, too bad for you. Yep, starting another 12 days on 2 days off work week, got to love it. Rot you make this site fun.


Anonymous said...

What is our next step?
I have called Steve Smith.
Should I contact my local IBEW?
Let us know!!!

Cicero said...

Hi Anonymous above.
Steve represents the IBEW International and will put you in touch with your local organizer. He will act as your point of contact for now and will get you all of the info. you need.
Good Luck !!

Anonymous said...

I am not going to compare my short time with those who have lost so much over the years here at NCR. This company, like so many others has lost the ability to feel pride in making the job enjoyable. Even our own Government cares less about you then the bottom line. Or better yet what lines their pockets at the expense of all of us.
I see the future for me and all the other CE 2s, we will face this same inevitable outcome. NCR will cut our pay also someday. If you’re feeling comfortable now, hang on people, because they will sodomize us all.
Being new, I depend on the years of service those in the CE 3s to help me be better at what I do. I come on and I feel that I missed so much in once a great company. Now it’s not even the shell of that same company. The days of real learning with “bet your job day” or Sugar Camp are long gone replaced by those who come out of school without even knowing how to read a meter. Very sad!
I commend all the CE’s and their families that have stuck this out
We need a powerful union with members not only from this Company but what about HP, Diebold or other organizations? We need to organize and let them know that we are so…. (Chicken Run…) How about 5000 Whereabouts to lunch synchronized to the exact moment? Something like “Admin work one Hour.”

Greg Herron said...

I think the Union idea is taking hold and senior management may be worried. SVP Christine Wallace exercised her stock option this week.

Anonymous said...

TEXAS CE'S PLEASE NOTE!!!!!! We are a separate co ncr texas llc!!
ncr separated us from the regular co to save a cool million in state taxes..... We have to organize as a separate entity!!!

GO UNION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Couple of things:

I'm curious to know more about what's going on in SC with the filing of the workers discipline action. Also, I have also noticed Wallace has taken advantage of her stock opt's. NCR has realized we are serious. Congrat's and keep pushing all for what is right.

Anonymous said...

hey guys....did anyone happen to hear what the package was that ncr offered to people who got more than a 25% shafting????? I belive it is one week for each year of is what G.M. employees were offered in the latest buy out offer...did I mention that G.M. is losing money and that they are in a UNION!!!!!!!
What are workers being offered?
Retirement-eligible employees (30 years or more) will be offered $45,000 for production workers and $62,500 for skilled workers to retire with full pension and benefits. Employees can take the money in a lump-sum payment, have it paid over time in monthly installments or roll it directly into a retirement account or 401(k).

Workers close to retirement (between 26 and 29 years) can take a leave with reduced pay until they reach 30 years, when they will be eligible for regular pension and health benefits.

Employees who are at least 50 with 10 years at the company can retire early with accumulated pension and health benefits.

Workers with 10 or more years of service are eligible for a one-time payment of $140,000 to leave the company with no pension or health benefits. People with less than 10 years of service are eligible for a $70,000 payment.

WOW......Why do we need a UNION!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was informed today that the company wants us to start working 6 days a week, at least 10 hour days, because they have decided to have a hiring freeze, and dont have enough people to do the job in our region. And if the backlogged calls dont get met, they may fire the TM's.Another brilliant decision, cut peoples pay, then ask them to work more overtime for less money. I bet they cant understand why people aren't jumping at the chance. I am sure the upper management at NCR are intelligent people, but they dont have the common sense that God gave a goose. We cant get a union fast enough.

Anonymous said...

NCR is unionized in British Columbia, Canada (B.C) I am in Alberta, was let go last March as NCR outsourced or jobs to AMPM Services. I was offered my same job back, with AMPM at approx. 1/2 my wage.In BC, the CE's were making more than me at entry level.My oppion suggests all the other non-unionized provinces should unionize. The nice thing about a union is when (not if) their voted in, and established, the old management is fired. "priceless :)"

Anonymous said...

I'm sure "NutJob" Nuti, and "Cheat Em" Cheadle won't ever work again after NCR Unionizes!

stop whining said...

you sound like a bunch of cry babies. please shut up and go back to work like the rest of us.
you're a bunch of whiny losers believing a union is going to make you warm and fuzzy protected from the real world. grow up

once you go union you never go back said...

Hey stop whining. Go back to your desk and and start updating your resume. It a proven fact with NCR when a group goes union, the managers get demoted or fired. Which will happen to you? And BTW, When the Union is in full force NCR will be better than ever.. Trust Me. When people are treated like Humans they will produce 100+ percent. Good work conditions go a long way when it comes to production.

the train is coming! said...

If you are not for a union, Then why do you come here? It wont change the direction of what is about to happen! I once knew of a guys who was once in the union and was always against what it stood for. Now he is on the other side of the tracks and I betcha he wishes he was in a union today!

Anonymous said...

I know where you are coming from TRAIN...I wish that I had a union..

Anonymous said...

What makes me laugh is this same company, NCR, pushes ethics training. Now that is entertaining! We all need to stand up now and be counted.

you can rot said...

I have never hoped someone to die. I think you are one of the if not the worst person here. I spit in your face.

12 days of work and 2 days off I will cry for you tonight. Who picked this job for you? Did NCR put a gun to your head and tell you to sign on the line or else. I bet you have not said one thing to your manager about having to work 12 days straight and if you have it was because you ask him to work that many days. So stupid all of you.
OK I will help you out, maybe you are the best NCR has in that area (I crack myself up sometimes) Talk to the others in your area and come up with a schedule that all of you can work with and still covers things. Then present it to your manager. If your manager is any manager at all he/she will accept it or tweak it and ask for your input. Now both of you are working toward a common goal.
Like magic you have opened your mouth and something good has come of it. Better not do that again it was to painful.

Hey STOP WHINING that is the losers problem they where told as children to shut up and they have taken that through their lives. If they would open their mouth they might be surprised that change is possible but they will not they will just get mad at people like me and then in a few days after they post their anonymous comments they will do exactly what I told them to do. They will craw back in their hole and rot.

Anonymous said...

The following message was found on the Yahoo Message Boards.

Nuti needed a new jet that was big enough to carry him and his ego.....Somebody had to pay, so it was the CE and the stockholder. I'd like for Nuti or someone from the board to come on this board and explain this ridiculous expenditure...In addition, please explain giving a pay cut to valued employees at the same time. This money belongs to the stockholder, not to the board, and certainly not to Nuti. How about paying a dividend like a real company?

looking for something better said...

Rot... You are one mean person. I always found some good in everybody but you make it difficult for me to find any good in you. Why dont you retire from this board and sit back and watch how things turn out. Then you can say I told you so.If things dont turn out like most here want. You are wasting your breathe. You can't change anyones mind. Our minds are already up made up. I know you will read this little comment and twist it into something that its not. You're not always wrong. You make many good points, but this is not a debate. So I and asking you kindly to cease all the mean sprited comments. I am sure you were brought up with better manners than that. I see that you speak your mind and thats a good thing but you tend to over emphisize your point. Like many others do that post here. This is only a sounding board for the CEs who want to vent and and not beat up your co-workers. So good night and farewell.

Anonymous said...

Rot.....I strongly suspect that you are an NCR manager. Need I remind you that God is watching and you may very well rot.

You do not belong here!!!

Anonymous said...

NCR to move executive offices to New York
Submitted by Khalid on Sat, 2007/12/22 - 13:47. NCR History

NCR Corporation has been headquartered in its birth place, Dayton Ohio, since its founding in 1884.

When Bill Nuti was hired as NCR's CEO in August 2005, his contract had a clause that he could be fired for cause if he does not relocate by August 2006. See the 8-K filing with the SEC.


Nuti will relocate to Dayton no later than August 1, 2006. NCR will reimburse all normal and customary relocation expenses in accordance with its standard relocation policy. Failure of Nuti and family to relocate to Dayton by August 1, 2006 constitutes material breach of Agreement and will be considered "cause" for termination by NCR. Alternatively, NCR may retain Nuti's services but the next applicable tranche of Restricted Stock that would have otherwise vested shall not vest and shall be forfeited. NCR will pay or reimburse all commuting expenses to and from Dayton on the NCR aircraft (not to exceed one round-trip per week) and will provide a $5,000 monthly allowance for living expenses in the Dayton area from the Start Date through the earlier

However, Nuti kept commuting weekly via corporate jet from his Long Island home in New York to Dayton Ohio. August 2006 came and went, and Nuti continued to commute form New York weekly.

Then, in November 2007, NCR hired a new CFO from California. The letter of agreement says that he will be based in New York, as per this 8-K filing.

Relocation - It is expected that you will move to the New York area within six months of your Start Date (the “Relocation Period”)

All this gave rise to rumors that NCR is relocating its headquarters to New York. Now news in the media has confirmed this: NCR is moving executive offices from Dayton to New York.

The Dayton Business Journal says:

NCR Corp. is moving its executive offices to the Big Apple after being wooed by New York officials with incentives.

For the past three years, New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has pitched to Bill Nuti, New York resident and NCR's chief executive officer, the merits of moving the company's executive offices to Manhattan, which include $1.5 million in relocation assistance.

"Although NCR's headquarters were located in Dayton, it was clear to me that Bill was and is a New Yorker at heart," Silver said. "In the spring of this year, after little prodding -- just a little -- Bill informed me that NCR was ready to make the move. Now, this 'New Yorker at heart' will be a 'New Yorker at work' here in the 'Business and Financial Capital of the World."

New York officials held a press conference in October to announce the signing of NCR's lease in the new 7 World Trade Center building, where the company will have 200 employees.

Currently, the NCR's offices in Dayton house 2,000 employees.

However, this blog post says that the ones moving from Dayton will be only 100, all C-Level executives, with 6 to 7 figure salaries, and laments the loss in taxes for Dayton.

He even goes as far as proposing that Dayton sues New York for "poaching".

New York City is providing $1.5 million in relocation assistance, but the annual lease will cost NCR$2.8 million for 4,000 square feet.

While this move may raise the profile of NCR with potential financial industry customers in New York, there are drawbacks. The cost of living is higher in New York, and the lifestyle in more hectic. Would executives used to the Dayton lifestyle move to New York? Moreover, the would they disrupt their family and social life, and take an effective pay cut to do so?

Interesting to see how this develops ...

Anonymous said...

Guys, We want rot on this board. We all know he is management. He just has to manage, his last post shows that. I know a FOD that use the exact management style that rot has on his TMs. They all hate him too. Rot wants to make a difference and he is. He is helping to get us all fired up.

Don't let the Scum Sucking Pigs win.

Anonymous said...

Rot..I need to know. Are you a manager. A simple yes or no will do.. And if you are a manager, did NCR train you to treat people like you do or were you born this way? If NCR created you, well then I could understand, If not, shame on you!!!

I made a funny said...

Hey rot..Youre Funny.. Does the electro shock treatment hurt? It must smell like roast pig.. Mmm Mmm good!

Anonymous said...

The FOD that manages like rot was a heck of a CE, I drank beer with the guy and everyone liked him. Now he is just another Scum Sucking Pig.

Bill NUTCASE said...

Today was a sad day for many CE's who got paid. After looking at your pay, it hit home what has happen. This is the first step of them doing away with us. THEY need time. That is why they GAVE US 18 months of (LEARN HOW TO LIVE ON THIS) payments (DEDUCT SICK TIME, VACATION TIME, HOLIDAYS, FROM THESE PAYMENTS???) So now is the time to strike back. If all we do is block there next move, then we are ahead. If we don't do anything we are gone anyway's. And you new NCR people are in for the ride of your life. No future, just a enough cash (if you thing 15 dollars hour is big money) to live 2 weeks to 2 weeks. 2% raises if your lucky.
The workers of America are getting feed up with these greed CEO'S, VP'S, etc. sending all the job's oversea to line they pockets. What happen to America first, they country is greedville. If all we do is poke them in the eye before they let us go, I'm happy. But I think we can make a different if we unite and go UNION.

Anonymous said...

Amen Brother!!




If you are interested in taking the next step toward a prosperous, future at NCR, or if you would simply like more information Please Call:
STEVE SMITH @ 978.302.3690

He will help get you in contact with the right people. We talked about get Canada, Guam, United States all together. Call Now. WELCOME ABOARD. GET THIS SITE TO ALL. Just don't use the company's computer or on they time.

Anonymous said...

......Union Coast to Coast....... We need to stop the "bully" from taking our lunch money. We needed to defend ourselves and our families.

Union Now

Anonymous said...

Workers want unions more than ever before. The proportion of workers who want unions has risen substantially over the last 10 years, and a majority of nonunion workers in 2005 would vote for union representation if they could. This is up from the roughly 30% who would vote for representation in the mid-1980s, and the 32% to 39% in the mid-1990s, depending on the survey. Given that nearly all union workers (90%) desire union representation, the mid-1990s analysis suggested that if all the workers who wanted union representation could achieve it, then 44% of the workforce would have union representation. The rise in the desire for union representation since then suggests that the share of the nonunion workforce wanting union representation in 2005 was 53%. These results, in turn, suggest that if workers were provided the union representation they desired in 2005, then the overall unionization rate would have been about 58%.

I'm for the Union

Anonymous said...

Note the position of economic powerhouse Germany in the next two lists.

Average hours worked per year:

Japan 2,173
United States 1,890
Sweden 1,808
United Kingdom 1,771
Netherlands 1,756
Finland 1,744
Norway 1,725
Denmark 1,699
Germany 1,668

Average paid vacation per year:

Finland 35.0 days
Germany 30.0
France 25.5
Denmark 25.0
Sweden 25.0
United Kingdom 25.0
Netherlands 24.0
Switzerland 22.0
Norway 21.0
United States 12.0

If we give NCR another un-contested chance to rape us again, then we deserve whatever we get. Vacation and benefit cuts will be next.

(Go Union, Stand United)

Anonymous said...

" If you don't jump, you'll never fly."

you all know who this is said...

I think all should read the comment left by a CE from Canada left on Feb 15 at 6:20pm. I have pasted the comment again below- This is your future without a union:

From the CE in Canada:
NCR is unionized in British Columbia, Canada (B.C) I am in Alberta, was let go last March as NCR outsourced or jobs to AMPM Services. I was offered my same job back, with AMPM at approx. 1/2 my wage.In BC, the CE's were making more than me at entry level.My oppion suggests all the other non-unionized provinces should unionize. The nice thing about a union is when (not if) their voted in, and established, the old management is fired. "priceless :)"

Anonymous said...

Canadians, Go to your cellphone providers website and TEXT MESSAGE all the CE's in Canada about forming a Union. To find there Phone#'s go into the Address Book of your Outlook/Email. Send a short sweet message like "NCR's GREED HAS TAKEN ITS TOLL, U.S. CE's ARE ORGANIZING WITH THE IBEW, WE NEED A VOICE, FOR INFO CONTACT STEVE SMITH AT 978-302-3690 OR EMAIL IBEWRCN@YAHOO.COM " THEN SEND STEVE SMITH OR A CANADIAN ORGANIZER THE ADDRESS LISTS FOR ALL THE CE's IN CANADA OR YOUR REGION!! GOOD LUCK

xXx SOY xXx said...

The live chat was cool ,,a little unorganized but alot of people with questions. We need a FAQ of basic questions, I saw alot of the same questions. I liked the reasurance that it is all confidential when we call and send the card. I would like a FAQ on the tactics big business will use to try and sway us from reaching our goal.

Ventura County xXx SOY xXx

Anonymous said...

We were Union at FLT in New Jersey and Philadelphia. Then NCR gave us the choice of coming over to NCR or having no job. They effectively moved us right out of the Teamsters Union by rehiring usfrom FLT. I have been told the Teamsters are prepairing a lawsuit against NCR for Union busting. Also our local management were fired after we went Union.

Monte111970 said...

Really when I read this blog and think about it. NCR and their puppy dog management are pieces of shit. You have my vote.


Anonymous said...

Tell Three People (Today) How Much You Love Them.

Vote Union....

Nuti_SUX said...

Cut Nuti, not the CE's

you can rot said...

Hey LOOKING FOR SOMETHING BETTER when the union fails this site will be taken down how will I tell everyone I told you so?

Another anonymous twit. Everyones body will rot at some point I just choose not to rot while I'm alive.

See what happens when I try to be helpful, I get called a pig. If I am a pig then you are a donkey hole

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys and gals just ignore you can rot and he will slowly dissolve into the slime he came from, quit giving him responses I'm tired of him fartin in reply!!

RTSS "promoted" said...

Did anyone else notice the RTSS "promoted" ce's are doing basically the same job they were doing before but now are listed as "exempt" employees, which means they dont have to pay overtime? Many of these guys are the best in their respective areas, but are still taking a $20,000 pay cut because of not having any overtime. Has anyone contacted the department of labor to find out if the new job is actually non-exempt? From the department of labor website it appears that someone involved with break fix work on computers and is not managing anyone is supposed to be a non-exempt, overtime applicable position.

Many who were "promoted" are still doing regular old installation work, along with some break-fix calls.

Not to mention the fact that those "promoted" are going to miss out on a few thousand dollars in quarterly payments.

some food for thought.

Anonymous said...

The RTSS position is considered a management type position. Do you guys have any idea who they will be sending to an area that goes out on strike? You got it, the RTSS's. Those poor guys had no idea what they were getting their selfs into when they took that job. Now they won't have to send the untrained managers to run calls during a strike, they will just send the RTSS's. Soon they will be known as the Anti Strike Squid, or ASS for short.

Anonymous said...

i think we should get a union we are not making enought and work just keeps on coming

Anonymous said...

i live in california im seeing alot of ce making more money in other areaas other than here we should really gather up people and talk about union

Anonymous said...

This site show what a union can do for you.

Anonymous said...

TRUMAN said...

I'm sure there are a lot more readers than posters on this site. I also think that it would serve in everyone's best interest if something "official" was posted about where we (Pro-Union CEs) stand. What's happening now (behind the scenes). CEs who are not posting or staying quiet need to see ACTION in order to believe. To a lot of them, this may just be a passing dream. There are a lot of remarks on here about "acting now", we need to see/hear/read some current results. Not just something that someone "anonymous" or "anti-union" posted.

Is there someone on here who is officially with the IBEW or affiliated with them other than already being in a UNION? Is there an official site that can be viewed showing the positive results that are currently going on? I honestly believe if there was something other than this "hidden" blogspot, that MANY - MANY more CEs would turn into believers and join in their respective ways.

While on the FLT side, I saw the bashing that took place to the NCR team. I often wondered how they put up with it. I slowly saw more and more being taken away from them. OK - so now I'm "officially" I want that done to me? Will I allow it? Will I do something given the chance? IS THIS MY ONE AND ONLY CHANCE? These are the questions that us EX-FLT CEs should be asking ourselves. I for one, will NOT take it. I will stay long enough to see some UNION action. If I am not satisfied, then NCR will lose yet another valuable asset.
The choice is ours as it is theirs in regards to "Employee at will". They no longer pay enough to control our/your lives. It's one thing if you enjoy working like a "peace-worker", quantity over quality - if that's what NCR is looking for, than NCR is NOT where I belong. As much as I represent NCR while at the customer's site, I'd like to think I'm representing myself first, as I AM THE ONE ONSITE. NCR has lost site of what TRUE Customer Service is. They try to fake it by having these "Moments of Truth" seminars, but in reality, they enforce the total opposite. If I'm going to proud of myself and my work, I first need to be prould of the company that I'm representing.

Will the union make things better?

Will NOT having a union make things better?

Well looks take a short walk in history. Ask the seasoned NCR veterans how better things have gotten over the past few years.

Think about this, how prosperous is your future with NCR going to be if we lose many of our "seasoned" NCR CEs. Who will we turn to for onsite support? Our managers? India (who read the SAM manuals back to us?). We need to look at this in a Long-Term perspective. Many of us are already looking for other jobs. Now is the time to act. If something is actually going on with all this union talk, we NEED to see some public results. THIS SITE ALONE IS NOT ENOUGH!!!


Is there anything in the media supporting our actions?

If we really want this to happen, we need as many onboard as possible.


corp_rape said...


Anonymous said...

just a few comments that have not been discussed yet.

1. "rat" is either

a) a manger who is fear of losing his job.

b) a management suck ass. there is one in every lage city. probably an RTSS who got his new position in spite of the fact that he wasn't qualified.

2. We lost our pension, Wall Street Journal stated an annnual savings of $40 million dollars. shortley thereafter Nutti bought not 1, but 2 corporate jets for $50million dollars.

We take a 25%+ paycut (Estimated savings 6 million a year)and Nutti leases a playpen in Manahatten even though his contract stated he was to move to Dayton, OH (was the lease 4 or 5million, I suppose the relocation packages will bring it up to an even $6 million)

3. All CE's need to Google "Fair Labor Standards Act", some very interesting reading.

a) non-exemt employess are to be paid for all time worked. This includes paperwork, teleconfernces, parts proccessing, etc.

b) there is no commute time in between working. In other words if you attend a teleconference and then go to site, your time starts at the beginning of the teleconfernce. Similarily, if you are at a site and then go home to do email there is no deduction for return commute.

c) at some point someone will go to the Labor ept and file a complaint (maybe when the RTSS doing Non-Exempt work and being paid as an Exempt woprker get screwed over).

3) when this happens (not if) the Labor Dept will investigate and all people who have documented when and what they were doing on a Daily basis will be paid all back waged due, keep good notes of all your time and activities.

4. The pay reductions seem to have mostly if not only affected people over age 40. This is a very thinly veiled age discrimination play. I encorage all to file an EEOC complaint.

5. And perhaps my favorite. The required Code of Conduct training, when the only people acting unethical and pressuring the CE's to fudge numbers to make SLA's are the managers themselves. Again, keep good notes when you are pressured to do the wrong thing.


7. I am pretty sure ther are many out there who feel the same way but are afraid of losing their jobs. As well they should be. A company that violates federal and state labor laws, age discrimnation laws, as well as their own internal policies, is a company to be feared.

8. I applaud the efforts of the IBEW and the others who have spoken out. Can you please give the masses more assurances regarding reprecussions.

Sign me


Once you go union you never goes back said...

Forgive me for asking a dumb question. Did I hear that you lost your pensions? I knew that the pensions were frozen. But now I hear the were taken back. Can someone explain? If they took your pension, We need to stand tall and crush 'em. Thanks in advance for an answer

PewterPlate said...

When the Company tells you for 25 years that if you work for 35 years, your pension will be $2000 a month and then changes the rules and says that your pension is now frozen at $1000 a month no matter how many more years you work, that is STEALING and UNETHICAL.

Anonymous said...

pewter plate your pension didn't get reduced. it was fozen which means there is no more money being added to it. at the same time the 401k was beefed up with a higher company match. as many times as we'e been screwed this was not one of them

Anonymous said...

hay Rot why don't you go fuck yourself. when we unionize assholes like you will get the crap beat out of you for mouthing off. you can stand by and watch your tm get it up the ass like he stuck it to you. the ces are going to start running things and pussies like you will finally shut up

Anonymous said...

What the Union did for us at FLT in New Jersey and Philadelphia was
1.Back payment for 6 months of Conference calls in the morning.
2.50 cents an hour increase every year for three years. Some FLT CE's were getting nothing. Others were being told there numbers were bad and given as little as .06 cents an hour.
3. A union rep sitting next to you when you were facing disciplinary actions.(Fair and Unfair)
4. A lot more Respect from Management.
5. Better schedual management.
Was the Union the answer to all our problems. No. But is was a start in the right direction. We were only a small group. With everyone involved it would be much more powerful. We absolutly need a Union at NCR. Nobody in this Company cares if you live or die. They don't care about your family or mine. We were actually in a company anti-union meeting when they told us how a CE had died at training in Ohio. They were so proud of the fact that they had paid to ship his body home to his wife. I guess they could have left his body at the Holiday Inn. It was pathetic.

PewterPlate said...

A higher company match on my 401k cannot make up for a loss of $12k/year. I only have 10 years left to go, is the company going to put another $120k in my 401K? I have been saving 10% to 13% for the last 10 years, and 6% before that, how do I increase my savings while my wages are decreasing? I understand NCR wanting to get out from under the pension, but the compay needs to be up-front with their new hires, not pulling the rug out from those without enough time to catch up.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

To All My Fellow Canadian CE's

I am tired of being on call, wasting my family life for a company that just keeps taking from us. Work load/ SLA/ Bullying from our TM to even fake numbers, lost statutory days, no raises in 9 years, little or no training, while the higher up's in the ivory tower keep getting perks. We hear so little about BC, cause their union. It is purposely kept from us as they do get more pay, better work schedules, and more people to do the work. Things have really gone downhill. We have tolerated alot. Their brain washing ethics no longer work.I no longer believe their reasons, their all bullshit.I never was a pro-union kind of person, but I have had enough.Really look at the whole situation..... it's not getting better is it? Our TM's are just talking preprogrammed parrot-heads repeating what comes down the pipe from higher up. They don't have to kiss our asses, but they kiss the ones higher up from them. And I sure don't kiss their ass. This union IS a good idea for Canada. If your like me, I am looking for another career, so I have nothing to loose. Most of us are fed up, and deep inside are expecting a miracle, a change that won't happen unless we all join together and get the ball rolling with a union. Remember all those good CE's we lost in the last 2 years to outsourcing. It's just a matter of time it will happen to us. Any Canadians reading this post, please respond to show some support. and thanks

Anonymous said...

The latest is now their making us get on conference calls at 07:30 when we start at 08:00.
Go Union!

NCR.CE said...

We need to start gathering information for our contract and there is a site set up to do that at

Anonymous said...

Change in Directors or Principal Officers, Financial Statements and Exhibits

Item 5.02 Departure of Directors or Principal Officers; Election of Directors;
Appointment of Principal Officers; Compensatory Arrangements of Certain Officers.
(e) At its meeting on February 12, 2008 (the "February 12 Meeting"), the Compensation and Human Resource Committee of the Board of Directors (the "Committee") of NCR Corporation ("NCR" or "Company") took certain actions, including those described below, relating to the compensation of its named executive officers. The actions described below were taken by resolutions approved by all of the members of the Committee, each of whom is considered an "outside director" for purposes of Section 162(m) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Performance Measures for 2008 Annual Bonuses

At its February 12 Meeting, the Committee determined that the amount of 2008 awards payable to executive officers under the Company's Management Incentive Plan ("MIP") shall be 1.5% of 2008 Earnings Before Income Taxes ("EBIT"), as defined in the MIP, for the Chief Executive Officer, and .75% of EBIT for each other executive officer, with such amounts to be subject to downward, but not upward, discretion, as provided in the MIP. At its February 12 Meeting, the Committee also approved performance measures to be considered, along with other factors, if any, deemed to be appropriate by the Committee, in exercising downward discretion to determine the amount of the annual bonuses, if any, that will be paid to the Company's executive officers under the MIP in respect of fiscal 2008 (the "2008 Annual Bonus"). As approved by the Committee, performance measures that will be considered when determining the 2008 Annual Bonuses will include two components, which components are tied respectively to (1) Annual Financial Objectives, and (2) Diversity Objectives. Each of these two components is described below.

Annual Financial Objectives

The specified performance measures approved by the Committee in respect of this
component of the 2008 Annual Bonus for the Chief Executive Officer, Chief
Financial Officer and other named executive officers, and the weight attributed
to each, were as follows:

Financial Measures Executives/Weightings
Messrs. William Nuti Ms. Christine Wallace
(CEO) and Anthony Mr. Malcolm Collins (SVP, Worldwide
Massetti (SVP, Global Sales Customer Services
(SVP and CFO) and Marketing) ("WCS"))
Company Non-Pension
Operating Income
("NPOI")(1) after Capital
Charge(2) 100 % 20 %
Company Orders 25 %
Company Revenue 25 %
Company Controllable
Gross Margin 30 %
WCS Profit 40 %
WCS Controllable Costs 40 %
WCS Asset Management 20 %
Total 100 % 100 % 100 %

(1) NPOI is a non-GAAP financial measure used by NCR due to the significant change in pension expense from year to year. Company NPOI includes the Company's income from operations under U.S. generally accepted accounting principles less pension income/expense.

(2) Capital Charge is a formula used to determine the total cost of capital deployed. It includes accounts receivable plus inventory, plant, property and equipment, other current assets and capitalized software less accounts payable, payroll and employee benefits, other current liabilities and post retirement benefits.

Diversity Objectives
The second component of the performance measures to be considered for the 2008 Annual Bonus is tied to the satisfaction of specific corporate-wide diversity objectives established by the Committee. For each named executive officer, the potential payout for satisfaction of these diversity objectives is 10% of base salary.

Award Agreements under NCR's 2006 Stock Incentive Plan

At its February 12 Meeting, the Committee approved the forms of restricted stock agreement, restricted stock unit agreement, performance based restricted stock agreement, performance based restricted stock unit agreement and stock option agreement to be used in connection with awards made under NCR's 2006 Stock Incentive Plan, as amended October 24, 2006 (the "Stock Plan"), during 2008. The restricted stock agreement is expected to be used in connection with all restricted stock grants awarded under the Stock Plan to executive officers, other than performance based restricted stock grants. The restricted stock unit agreement is expected to be used in connection with all restricted stock units awarded under the Stock Plan to executive officers, other than performance based restricted stock unit awards. The performance based restricted stock agreement is expected to be used in connection with all performance based restricted stock grants awarded under the Stock Plan to executive officers. The performance based restricted stock unit agreement is expected to be used in connection with all performance based restricted stock units awarded under the Stock Plan to executive officers. The stock option agreement is expected to be used in connection with all stock option grants awarded under the Stock Plan to executive officers. Copies of the forms of restricted stock agreement, restricted stock unit agreement, performance based restricted stock agreement, performance based restricted stock unit agreement and stock option agreement are attached hereto as Exhibits 10.1, 10.2, 10.3, 10.4 and 10.5, respectively, and hereby incorporated by reference in this Item 5.02.

Equity Grants

At its February 12 Meeting, the Committee awarded our Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and other named executive officers stock options and performance-based restricted stock units of NCR Common Stock with a dollar value as listed below, each effective as of March 1, 2008, under the Stock Plan. All stock options were awarded at an exercise price for each share subject to the option equal to the Fair Market Value (as defined in the Stock Plan) of one such share on March 1, 2008. The forms of agreement used to document such awards are filed with this Form 8-K.

Award Executives/Dollar Value
Mr. Anthony Mr. Malcolm Collins Ms. Christine
Mr. William Nuti Massetti (SVP, Global Sales Wallace (SVP,
(CEO) (SVP and CFO) and Marketing) WCS
Stock Options $ 2,250,000 $ 500,000 $ 375,000 $ 350,000
Performance-Based Restricted
Stock Units of NCR Common
Stock $ 2,250,000 $ 500,000 $ 375,000 $ 350,000

Total $ 4,500,000 $ 1,000,000 $ 750,000 $ 700,000

Item 9.01 Financial Statements and Exhibits.
(c) Exhibits:

The following exhibits are filed with this current report on Form 8-K:

Exhibit No. Description of Exhibit
10.1 Form of 2008 Restricted Stock Agreement under 2006 Stock Incentive Plan.

10.2 Form of 2008 Restricted Stock Unit Agreement under 2006 Stock Incentive

10.3 Form of 2008 Performance Based Restricted Stock Agreement under 2006
Stock Incentive Plan.

10.4 Form of 2008 Performance Based Restricted Stock Unit Agreement under
2006 Stock Incentive Plan.

10.5 Form of 2008 Stock Option Agreement under 2006 Stock Incentive Plan.

Anon said...

this is making me sick!

BlackTalon said...

I sure hope the young blood is reading this blog! We have to get this thing moving, and it is going to take all of us to DO IT! I came to this company with expectations and dreams of being able to retire from it. It's not going to happen unless something changes, and quick. All of our jobs are in jeapordy due to management cost cutting, and soon there will be a universal CE pay band, JACK!. Suck that dirt out of those fastlanes and switches, get up in the middle of the night to fix that kiosk thats not even being used- and by the way now we are only gonna pay you $13 p/hr to do it! I like the job/customers, but I am so sick of these lame brained ideas to make our numbers look good...thats all management does is count beans. I seem to remember Cheadle telling us that we were gonna lay off the numbers...well it seems that now we are running until we run out of overtime hours to make the numbers!! FIX THE PROBLEMS THE CE'S TELL YOU ABOUT AND YOU WONT HAVE TO CUT OUR PAY, B/C YOU WON'T BE PAYING SO MANY PENALTIES TO YOUR CUSTOMER B/C YOU CAN'T GET A PART WHERE IT NEEDS TO BE!! MANAGEMENT LISTEN TO US!! WE WANT THIS COMPANY TO PROSPER! But I guess that's why I don't get paid, I think intelligently and not politically, like all of the management decisions that get made! We need a Union to secure our jobs guys! I don't want to worry about where I'll be in the next year, because I promise all of you soon.....we are all going to be blindsided my a MAC TRUCK! TEXAS CE'S STAND UP FOR THE GOOD OF THE COMPANY!! STAND UP FOR THE COMPANY YOU HAVE PUT YOUR TIME AND EFFORT INTO MAKING BETTER! We all deserve job security, we all deserve proper pay, and intelligent managers! This may be the only way to tell these guys how bad they are screwing this up!

Will you respond, or maybe we should just wait until it's too late!

I don't favor Union's, however, bad management WILL ruin this company and I WILL NOT STAND IDLY BY!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Nice to see how generous NCR is!!!!!!!! Can't get the card fast enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets get this done quickly before all that good will goes away.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone really taken a equal view on this. Firstly all I am reading is how miserable people are with the company and how they worry about the future. If a union did get voted in nobody is thinking about the future because I hate to say it but some of our biggest accounts are against union activity. So now we all vote union because we want a stable future, a future without some of our major accounts is NO FUTURE we don't need to worry about union or not it's job or no job. Once spoken and tried and trued if you are unhappy with your current job chances are your next job is not going to be greener. Be smart talk to people from our competition diebold, ibm etc. you think ncr has problems well ya all need to wake up. A union would more then likely elimate over 60 percent of the work force given the accounts that we take care of. Some bigger accounts would more than likely go to companies that are non union trust me I grew up in a unionized town and now it is the Union of drug dealers. I am not saying that unions are bad they did work very well when the car makers and factory workers where asked to work above and beyond, but lets reflect the mafia was huge then as well hmmmmmmm. Also someone reflected on firefighters and police being union as this is true it is at a state government level and this is always the job to have at any state governent level as well as military/civilian government job but we don't work at that level and decided to take our jobs under understandings but keep in mind that we need to keep these poitions but all said and done people don't need to use NCR as a provider. I ask everyone that really truely believes that a union is going to help rethink! If you are unhappy don't be mad at ncr instead let's think about all aspects. We really don't have have a say in our vote for the president in case you all didn't know it is a majority vote I am sorry but I can't tell my president what to do however I do have the choice to move to a different position the "greener" job on the other side of the fence which we all know the saying. Really take the time to look at what corprate America is doing NAFTA oh jobs lost it is not NCR it's life and yes it is hard to take but unions kill unless you work in a factory oops NAFTA took those American jobs as well. What happened to the union rep. in all those jobs lost due to NAFTA. I CAN ANSWER THAT. WE DIDN'T GET ANY AND I MEAN ANY HELP. If you truley feel that a union would help because you want to pay dues and not have an educated feeling I also have land for sale in Florida Just leave me your number.

Anonymous said...

I worked for NCR for 26 years. One day my TM got mad because I would not lie to a customer (US Government) for him. I told the customer about it, and the next day he offered me a GS12 ($64K) position. Now I am the customer and the TM was demoted. I sit and wait for the next TM to tell me a story so I can have him demoted as well.

Anonymous said...

From reading the above it looks like the company already hired union busters.
If NCR instead of cutting just CE's salary’s but cut everybody equally from the top down. There would be no union talk.
And another thing unions came about because of unfair treatment of the working man.
We don't care why the company treats us like shit. We don't like it. So stick your anti-union logic up your ass.

Anonymous said...

I will vote "YES" for UNION!
What will you vote?

Anonymous said...

Here we go again. This guy above is spoken like a true manager. Please leave and dont come back.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Union Buster,

Why don't you tell NCR you'll work for 25% less? I mean according to you that’s okay. After all MR. Nutty might need a new airplane or penthouse in NYC.
Tell Diebold and IBM CE's their welcome to join the IBEW.
Thanks for input and f. you.

F___Nuti said...

You can't stop it, NCR will vote union!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That unionized town you grew up in that turned into a drug den. Was that the union’s fault? Or was it greed from the executives who ran those companies? I'll bet all the work in that town went to China or some other 3rd world nation with slave labor, child labor or wages so low the people can barely exist. Blame the rich greedy owners of those company’s and the crooked politicians who let this go on.
But don't blame the unions because the American worker refuses to work for slave wages. After all this isn't a market place this is the United States of America. And where sick of these companies outsourcing our work to foreign nations. It's treason!

Anonymous said...

Union Buster!!! Yep the managers are scared. When we vote the union in they will all be fired. He tells us we will loose some large customers, none of us wants that to happen we just want to be treated right. If upper management believes that then they should do something to stop it. They know what we want and how we feel. They are all watching this blog, if they aren't then they are idiots. The service dept is very important to this company. If we were providing bad service, then Sales couldn't sale anything. Eventualy there would be no NCR. Why does WSC always get the short end of the deal? What other departments have had to take pay cuts? Why does Nutty need two new jets? Why New York, What is wrong with Dayton? Everyones job at NCR is important, why are we always singled out for pay cuts when we make so much money for this company? Have they lowered the service rates? The only rates around here that get lowered or remain the same is what they pay us.

My card will be in the mail before the ink is dry.

xXx said...


I see the pain and feel the desperation. I work for less than 50k in Southern californis where gas is $3.20 a gallon and starting wages at retail stored is 8.oo to 9.00 an HR. Im bondes to be in the ATMs, I have passed the security to perform county drug drug enforcment repairs. under 50K is considered poverty level in Southern California. I qualify for food stamps.Even though I work with out a superviser or office, or storage, of shop, or even a cup of coffee in the morning. NCR is saving a bundle just in us being Vituial workers. We are the hands in the field but they treat us like we are there slaves, we do as told and odey never talk back. Look Im not talking about the TM, he is just a pawn, he does as told and ours wont even stand up for us. I mean uper managment, they dont feel out pain or hear our cries. So there going to take our vacation next and hire illeagals to replace us or out source to tems. I've talked to many retired NCR employes who proudly speak of the old days. they speak of a company that was strong and powerful and believed in the field support. Now we out source level @ ro India. We dont have office buildings. We are vitual employees but cant claim the tax benifits of working from home. Tell me when was the last face to face meeting or party you group has had?


Anonymous said...

Good Luck with your Union drive, Waterloo tried hard and they lied to us to keep the union out so they could close the plant with as little cost as possible.

Fire_Nuti said...

Lying is what they are good at

oncewas said...

I thought I might join in on this love fest. I was a CE for many years until 5 or so years ago NCR gave me the ultimatum of "take a 40% cut and go to FLT or leave" story. I was about the 5th group this happened to in less than 3 years. I left but with hard feelings of abandonment. For 11 years I put NCR before family and accepted any training NCR required. My ratings were top for most of those years. I shifted my installs to meet requirements but when raises and bonus money payout which was promised we were then told we really were not “promised” that. For those who believe NCR will never do what they are doing now again, you are mistaken. I do regret that is could not have been part of this Union effort while I was there. If we could have unionized then I might still be doing what I loved with a group of CE's that were the best (some still are) and being paid properly to perform those tasks.
Go Union and start rebuilding your job status. You are better than the trash NCR makes you out to be.

Good luck....


Anonymous said...

Do Not Be Afraid. NCR Won't Fold Or lose All Their Customers If We Become A Union Shop. If you Don't Vote Union This Job Won't Be Worth Having Anyway. If The Union Movement Fails, You Haven't Seen Nothing Yet From The Company.

Anonymous said...

ncrcecontract.blogspot needs to be enabled so you an leave an anonymous comment!!

Anonymous said...

ncrcecontract.blogspot needs to be enabled so you an leave an anonymous comment!!

Anonymous said...

TECH's in 3 Prairie Provinces (Alberta, Saskatchewn, Manitoba) CANADA Loose jobs to Outsourcing:

Yes, I was one of them. NCR "owned and operated me" I worked as a resident tech. All techs not in a major city lost their jobs to outsourcing. A company called AM-PM Services is the company that took over the service. They tried to hire at least one NCR employee per resident area. AM-PM Services also does work for Diebold. Currently, they have a high turn-over rate with employees.
Just so you don't end up like me, listen to my story. I received a email stating their was a "manditory" phone conference meeting for Feb 5/07. We were told NCR could no longer provide us with employment. I had almost 30 years with NCR. Each one of us on that phone conference got a "transition package" ;severence package stating in order to receive it, we had to work until March 16/07 in order to have it payable to us. It was nothing special, just the basic minimum as required by the labor board ( 2weeks pay per year of service plus vacation pay) After 30 years they didn't even have the balls to come face-to-face with us. I'm not getting anything out of supporting a Union here in Canada, I am already a "fallen soldier", but am concerned with the ones left employed with NCR in the major cities that still are employed. NCR owns you, you live to work for them. Your just a comodity that can be replaced. Really think seriously about a Union. Looking from the outside in, we needed one 8 years ago, when they gave us all those excuses not to give us raises. It's too late for me, please take my advice and unite to have a voice. I am sure there is other Canadians reading this blog, show some support and post.Tell your co-worker about this blog, get the word out, text page others on their RIM about this site. Just do it!!!! God Bless & Take Care............. a fallen soldier

NCR.CE said...

sorry this is the first blog i have done i have found that seting and fix it you can leave anonymous comment!! now

NCR.CE said...

sorry this is the first blog i have done i have found that seting and fix it you can leave anonymous comment!! now

Anonymous said...

this whole union thing is such bullshit. the last time I saw such aggressive salesmanship I was being sold a time share on the cape. That sales guy was a phony just like these screw balls from the IBEw. Please stop sending us text messages in the middle of the night to sign cards. You're wasting your time and pissing people off. leave us alone

Anonymous said...

Keep sending those text messages and cards. Go union. Lets get this union in. Good job pissing off managment.


To: Bob Brynes oops I mean the anonymous union buster who posted a few up.

Fuck yourself you lying bastard! Corporate guinee pig. Someday buddy!

Anonymous said...

Let's start identifying the Union Busters by name.
Steven Pitts in Salt Lake City is one.

Anonymous said...

Workers of America has had it, If we are going to suffer, it is time you suffer also. To HELL with the big accounts. What do we get if they stay? NOTHING. If they leave, what do we get? ARE FREEDOM. But you don't get the profits. You been screwing us for the last 5 years we don't care anymore.

Anonymous said...

Please refrain from posting names of other people on this blog.

oncewas said...

Anonymous who posted:
this whole union thing is such bullshit. the last time I saw such aggressive salesmanship I was being sold a time share on the cape.

You are clearly an NCR insider who makes a living on the plight of the CE's pay restructuring. It is also clear by your language that you are either uneducated or very frustrated by the very real potential of the CE's unionizing. You mentioned the Cape. You are a New England region person. You are probably the same one who kicked me after years of loyal service. I always knew every dog has his day; it was only a matter of time.
The union will stabilize the CE's work place and maybe level off the playing field. Maybe the NCR managers will now have to take the pay cuts instead.
There are 2 options for you. Accept the union or leave NCR if you do not like it.


Anonymous said...

Ncr has nothing to fear about the Union. The New York region has done wonders for this company because of the union. Just imagine a union that is nationwide!

Anonymous said...

to oncewas and everyone who wants to call me union buster.

I posted several comments ago. I am the one who talked being a unionized town now that of unionized drug dealers. I am not management wether you want to believe it or not doesn't matter to me. I left a union because they won't go to bat for you that's why I now work for NCR. And No it was not management the caused these companies to leave this area as a matter of fact 2 factories where in town and now only the one the non union one because they found the non union ones to be more productive and if you where to ask any of the employees who work there they love their jobs and actually hired some of the ex union guys who wished they never went union. You all don't really see the whole picture but that is up to you. I worked over and above in my job and understand some of the above posts but the bottom line is I do what I do for the most part for my customers not NCR. Because I want my customers to get what they deserve not oh can
't do that the union says I can't

Anonymous said...

NYC city really did do wonders. I wonder what happened to my bonus. OH yeah i heard NYC tanked their numbers this year so now i am hardly getting one now.

Thank you Big Apple

unions blow


Anonymous said...

I do what I do for my FAMILY. Not for NCR, not for the Customers, and not for any of you. Only a UNION will get me what I deserve from a Cheap Ass Company like NCR.

Anonymous said...

I used to work for a company that was unionized. i made a great wage and everything was good, until we went on strike. you know what happened, the owner relocated the factory to mexico and we all lost our jobs. We and the union were greedy, the owner could not afford to pay us an outrageous wage anymore, if a copmany does not make any money then why stay in business. i understand why they cut our pay, it is rediculous to pay a person $25-27/hr to swap printers out in walmart. i have looked for other jobs in the field with other companies and they all start at 12-16/hr just like ours.

i am afraid if NCR would unionize the same similar thing will happen to me again. What would stop them from buyiing another service organization in the US or subcontracting work out to other companies, IBM and HP do it now. i was talking to a CE from IBM and he said there were only a few CE's left in his branch and the rest were turned to contractors.

i am dead set against the union from my previous experience.

Anonymous said...

Hey That CE in the NE that wondered about your bonus. NYC did not tank. We got a bonus. It must be you that tanked it! and I didnt want to say it but your a RICHARD HEAD. Get your facts straight. A-HOLE!!!

Anonymous said...

yes the other companies start out at close to what ncr does but their senior workers that have busted there asses off and received merit pay over a period of time have not had to take ridiculous pay cuts. It tells you there is no future in this company if a worker with 20 plus years of senority only makes 3 to 4 dollars more than feet off the street!!!
Oh yes the younger guys are getting raises won't be long before they're making the same buck as a 30 year man.



Anonymous said...

You Tell 'em NY. Let him suffer. I guess he gets his facts from the same guy that signs his paycheck! GO IBEW...

Anonymous said...

Its the same guy writing all the ANTI Union stuff. He is probably a guy that loves to hear the sound of his own voice. It doesnt matter what come out of it as long as he can hear himself. Get off this blog. you are not welcome. spew you venom elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Hey anti-union nut sucking leaches...Here comes the CHOO CHOO TRAIN and you can't derail it. Either hop on board or lie down on the track.

NCR.CE said...

i agree you should not get 30hr to swop out printers in walmart but that is not what they took from us this last time the ce's that work on the higher grade equpment that they charge the big but for the service got bumped down to a lower grade and lower pay they say it was to cut service cost to compete but they raised the cost they charged one of my big costomers not lowering it like they did my pay for the work

NCR.CE said...

do not forget to go to to put your input in on what we wunt in are contract

Anonymous said...

Not every job is a swap of a printer at Walmart!! Thats all I have to say.

Anonymous said...

Everybody. Lets not forget that profits are up and Huge bonuses are flying upstairs. And what happened to us... A cut in pay or layoffs might be in order if we were losing money, but thats not the case. NCR continues to grow and would probably show a larger profit if the bonuses were in line.


This guy Lester Ellis, AKA "Lester the Molester", was our New England Region Director about 18 years ago. A real Axe Man, at that time he cut allot of jobs across the region. An asshole as far as I can remember, do you think they "got him in to bust the union"? He's replacing Al Pardo who has been holding the position temporarily.

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Anonymous said...

Visit NCR-toons:

Learn About:
25% Pay-cut
Bouncing Bonus
Corporate Jets
2.8 mil. 7 WTC
Executive Pay
Corporate Greed
Code of Conduct

“That’s All Folks”

Anonymous said...

The Stop NCR Employee Abuse Express has arrived and now is being boarded, this train will not stop untill it has reached coast to coast. We seem to have a lot of support, but if we slow down too much someone will jump off. Lets keep up the speed and make those calls to our fellow CE's. And as soon as you get your card in the mail. sign it and send it back!

Anonymous said...

Could soomeone please send me a text messages at 3:00 AM

oncewas said...

To ononomous poster February 21, 2008 6:19 PM.

As much as I would like to believe you do this for the customer I have to say you are a fool and a liar. If the only reason you are (if you are) a CE is to satisfy customer needs then volunteer your time. Most of us work for a living which means we wish to be paid and paid our worth. I have always enjoyed providing excellent service but the pay is what pays my bills. When a company such as NCR can downgrade the workers pay and upgrade managements pay the way they have for the past 8 plus years it is time to even the score. Uniting under a union is the only possible solution.
Come into reality.

oncewas said...

Axe Man...

Lester is coming back? That's like reintroducing the plague. Pardo is bad enough being 2 faced but Lester was a freak.
God help you without a union and him on your backs.

Be strong.


Anonymous said...

Yeah Lester's coming back, another piece of company trash. These damn company plants are popping up like weeds. "Lester the Molester", that's a good one!

oncewas said...

Anonymous poster February 21, 2008 7:28 PM
You say you worked for a company which was union and went out of business because they could not pay your outragous salaries and they did not pake a profit. I could understand concession for this scenario but NCR is highly profitable and not sharing the wealth with those who helped get them there...the CE.
You are perfectly correct that a $30/hr CE should not be swapping out printers at Walmart but a $12/hr CE should not be forced to take a L2 ATM call either.
If you can not find work for more than $12 to $16 per hour you are not looking in the right places. A good field service tech is in demand if they have the skills for minimum of $20 and up.
Check out this link:
I looked up a PC Technician level 3 in my area and the wages are $56k. The NCR CE's were dropped to around the $43k for high skilled labor in this area. This is right? I know most of the CE's in this area and they are at least a level 2 or 3 depending upon the product.
Sorry but your argument against a union for NCR is not valid. I wish I was still there to help my brothers.
Think long and hard before dismissing your last chance. Don't become a Oncewas......:-)

Anonymous said...

To whoever thinks this job is pulling out a printer at Wal-Mart and plugging a new one in,

You have to be one of those new fat ass managers who has never done this job before.
Try working on a giant OCE led printer or proof machine in the middle of the night and you can't leave until it’s fixed. How about looking for a shorted wire in a 5890 in the freezing cold. Better yet spending 6 hours reloading software on an ATM at night in some shit area of town, wondering if this is the night some 3-time looser comes along and shoots you and the guard because he can't take a chance leaving witnesses.
Oh and try explaining to the Wal-Mart store manager after Christmas that his returns computer is going to be down another night because your part is OBF being that it came from one of our new illegal alien outsource rework centers.
With all the stress of this job after all these years and all the shit we have done for this company, some fat ass not a clue manager who got their job by kissing the right butts says we CEs are all over paid.
I say you’re an over paid dumb ass. When I hired on NCR the minimum educational requirement was an associate’s degree in electronics. So far I’ve yet to meet any of these new NCR territory managers with any kind of college or experience doing our job. But they got the balls to tell us 30 dollars an hour is too much to pay us even though most of us didn’t even get paid that much. But guess what, fat ass, after this union comes in we will.

Anonymous said...

Hey once was a union guy, Sorry you think you are worth 16 to 18 dollars hour. YOU can't be making more than that. If you were then you would not be happy. You will not get another penny from this company. Maybe if your lucky you can make 20 dollars hours in 10 years. But the problem is they are going to drop your pay when they REBAND YOU TO CE1 IN 18 MONTHS if you are a CE2. My uncle worked for a UNION and took a pay cut to help his company ST JOHNSBURY TRUCKING, What did the company hand them for the sacifice, locked doors after 8 months. All the customer I SEE NOW A DAYS say thank God they send you. I'm I worth the same as the New NCR Tech? I THINK NOT!!! I made low money when I started, but I could call a CE3 or CE4 for help.I got knowledge from these men. It didn't bother me they made more money then me. I knew if I kept learning, I too could make a good pay check some day. But you will never make a good pay check. All you can do is sell your fellow CE's out, thinking they will reward you. But then in there eyes, your not trustworth. YOU CAN'T WIN. Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Hey once was a union guy, Sorry you think you are worth 16 to 18 dollars hour. YOU can't be making more than that. If you were then you would not be happy. You will not get another penny from this company. Maybe if your lucky you can make 20 dollars hours in 10 years. But the problem is they are going to drop your pay when they REBAND YOU TO CE1 IN 18 MONTHS if you are a CE2. My uncle worked for a UNION and took a pay cut to help his company ST JOHNSBURY TRUCKING, What did the company hand them for the sacifice, locked doors after 8 months. All the customer I SEE NOW A DAYS say thank God they send you. I'm I worth the same as the New NCR Tech? I THINK NOT!!! I made low money when I started, but I could call a CE3 or CE4 for help.I got knowledge from these men. It didn't bother me they made more money then me. I knew if I kept learning, I too could make a good pay check some day. But you will never make a good pay check. All you can do is sell your fellow CE's out, thinking they will reward you. But then in there eyes, your not trustworth. YOU CAN'T WIN. Good Luck

Anonymous said...

sorry for double post

once you go union you never go back said...

Listen dude...In the union offices..60 percent of the guys are still CE3 making 30 plus an hour, And I am still a ce3. Because of my union. Get your facts straight...and as long as i am in the union I will continue to make that kind of scratch, plus my 3 percent a yr. Join the union and you will also..remember there is power in numbers. And as far as selling my fellow co workers out, well you cant be further from the truth.. You see the ce1 have all moved up the ladder to ce2 and they will continue to move up if we play our cards right. We have won in the past while the rest have suffered. What was that, just luck, I think not. It was the union. Why are you so narrow minded?? And We all will win if you join..Stop all the negativity..Stop calling us sellouts. Youre sell yourself out. You can bet your ass that we are trustworthy. NCR thinks so. thats why we have not been locked out in over 30 years. You will soon see the same if you join. The only not trustworthy people here is NCR. Youve seen it first hand.

Anonymous said...


Where do I sign?

Anonymous said...

NCR is Sellin You Out!
The "new" CE2 Position Description is almost an exact duplicate of the eliminated CE3 Position Description. This shows that all NCR wanted to do was to Reduce Salaries NOT Eliminate the Position. When EZ-Pass eliminated Toll Collectors, they didn't keep collecting tolls. When MTA eliminated Token Clerks, they didn't keep selling tokens. Does anyone remember the Ethics Compliance Mandate that NCR promised to live by?

I'm sure that NCR will spend ALL of their $5 million dollar salary savings on fighting off the Union onslaught that seems to be in full throttle right now.

CE3 - Position Description (Old)
The Customer Engineer 3 (CE3) provides installation, maintenance and repairs on equipment within an assigned territory/region to assure continuity of customer operations and high levels of customer satisfaction. The position is viewed as an expert in the field with less than 15% of the entire CE workforce having this designation. The CE has ownership of customer problems or incidents until the situation has been resolved to the customer’s satisfaction and or in compliance with agreed upon Service Level Agreements. The CE performs primarily Tier II/III work on products and services of medium complexity. Tier II/III products include large servers and mainframe computers and peripherals, large system printers and plotters, enterprise level servers, networks and software, item processing reader/sorters and networking issues on imaging systems, medium/high complexity networking/communications equipment, network and systems management/protocols (Ethernet, Token-Ring, StarLAN, NetBIOS, X.25). Primary services include installation, software support, network management, hardware maintenance and multi-vendor maintenance. Tier II/III workload should be greater than 70% of overall workload

CE2 - Summary Description (New)
NCR Field Service Technician (Customer Engineer level 2) associates provide installation, maintenance and repairs on equipment within an assigned territory/region to assure continuity of customer operations and high levels of customer satisfaction. In this role, you will have ownership of customer problems or incidents until the situation has been resolved to the customer's satisfaction and or in compliance with agreed upon Service Level Agreements. You will perform Tier II/III work on products and services of medium-high complexity. Tier II/III products include large servers and mainframe computers and peripherals, large system printers and plotters, enterprise level servers, networks and software, item processing reader/sorters and networking issues on imaging systems, medium/high complexity networking/communications equipment, network and systems management/protocols (Ethernet, Token-Ring, StarLAN, NetBIOS, X.25). Primary services include hardware maintenance, installation, network management, multi-vendor maintenance and software support.

Anonymous said...


Those Bastards!

Anonymous said...

Ask NOT "What Can a Union Do" Ask " What Can't a Company DO"

Detroit Dan,
Have YOU seen the contents of Chris Cheadle's webcast "CE3 Elimination". NCR cannot threaten Unions with these cuts since they are covered by a Union Contract! Imagine the anguish with having to choose between a huge Paycut (CE2) or NCR Enslavement (RTSS). Moment of Silence for our Non-Union Peers . . .

Anonymous said...


I didn't know THAT either!

oncewas said...

Anonymous poster on February 22, 2008 8:28 AM
NCR is Sellin You Out!

That is some powerful information. Lower the pay scale and change the job title but keep the requirements the same. Same people doing the same high quality work utilizing the same talents but pay less.
This has been going on for many years.... It is time to stop this.

Great info...


Anonymous said...

I have loved it here at NCR one time not too long ago, but now it is just right nasty. Can the non-ce's go union also? logistics, admin etc...

Anonymous said...

Hey heres a thought, How about we give the company a taste of their own medicine..A job action..oh wait a minute. That would be un-ethical and i signed off on the code of conduct training. I wonder if management signed off on their training???

Anonymous said...

This is what other companies are looking for and here is there payscale...More is expected of us here at ncr..NCR has lost there mind and The union nis needed to help them find it..I need a union. please hurry...

Desktop Support Analyst - Level 2Apply Now
Rockcrest Technology Search, Inc.
New York, NY
Req'd Education: Not Specified Base Pay: $60,000.00 - $65,000.00 /Year
Req'd Experience: At least 3 year(s) Employee Type: Full-Time Employee
Req'd Travel: Not Specified Industry: Legal
Relocation Covered: No Manages Others: No

Our law firm client urgently requires a Desktop Support Analyst with current or prior experience of working in a law firm.

The desktop support analyst provides 2nd level problem resolution for software and hardware used by firm employees in their downtown New York office.

The Analyst must be able to quickly and accurately rectify technical issues using a combination of remote-access tools, phone assistance, and desk-side troubleshooting.

At least three years experience supporting the following products is required;
Microsoft Office 2003, specifically Word & Outlook
Windows XP
Internet Explorer
Basic networking concepts and TCP/IP troubleshooting
Desktops, laptops and printers
A working knowledge of legal specific software applications is a plus (ie InterWoven MailSite and MacPac)

fast1 said...

It is time All NCR ce's realize that the company looks at us as just overhead. They don't even consider us as human beings, thats why we are referred to as "Resources". I guess it allows them to sleep at night, thinking they didnt destroy the lives of human beings, with families, but that they just cut the pay of "resources". All of Cheat-les telecast was filled with lines that were only there to make upper management feel better. Ive never heard so much phony lip service in my life. "The ce's are the bread and butter......". Sounds like a dairy farmer who shoots his cows to save on feed. Pretty soon, he has no income at all. Cheat-le may have just shot his cows, and may soon run out of the butter. "NCR wants to treat its employees the way it wants it customers treated" Just another line of BS. I guess it is the duty of ALL CE's to now cut service and response to Chase and Walmart by at least 20%. His words, not ours. I have been with NCR over 25 years, and I have seen a lot of extremely poor management decisions, but this is the worst LT ever. They seem to want to destroy NCR. Its always smart to really piss off the people you expect to keep your customers happy. Its smart to keep reducing headcount, then complain that we are paying penalties for not being able to meet sla's. We were told it was not about pay cuts, but about being competitive. If it wasn't about pay cuts, them lets cut Nuti's, or Wallace's or Cheat-le's pay. Shouldn't make any difference who gets cut. They act like they did a great thing, handing out 5 free NCR shirts. Seems to me those shirts ended costing the CE's about $2500.00 each. What a deal. "NCR is a proud company". Give me a break. NCR should embarrassed and ashamed of their treatment of the long term ,loyal CE's. Trust me, I have told every customer about what is going on, and NCR is getting slammed by everyone. I was never big on unions, but like an idiot, I once trusted this company. I now do not believe a word that comes out of the mouths of Nuti, Wallace or Cheat-le. We need to unionize fast as possible. Tell every CE you know or can possibly reach. Our lives (as we know them) and futures truly depend on it.

Anonymous said...

As a Low Paid FLT Technician I have performed the following. Weekly store visits at Walmart, covering everything except the Back office. This includes Laser Printers which we do not swap out. Running retail calls on registers, including all component replacements, software reloading, scanner calibration and State Licenced Certification for Weights and Measures. I have compleated entire Starbucks Installations by myself from back Office to drive up order confirmation screens and everything in between. I have done Proof and ATM calls. I have done Fast Lanes. Monthly and Weekly PM's. I have trained new hires. I have been called out in the middle of the night. I have worked weekends and holidays. I have worked over 14 hours in a day. I have worked over 35 hours overtime in a pay period. I have been called in on my days off. I have had one day off on a weekend since the beginning of the year when I wasn't called in on AV. I have been Team lead, working with ex NCR people and contractors. I do payment kiosks at Verizon, T-Mobile ect. I make $14 and change an hour. PLEASE don't refer to us as guys who only swap printers at Walmart. Do we all need a Union. You Bet We Do.

Anonymous said...

Oh. And I forgot to mention. When I was hired I was told the job consisted of replugging a cable in here and there. Cleaning a monitor. Blowing out a machine ect. If I worked hard I might move over to NCR at some point.

30% Less said...

Everyone who took a pay cut should give this company what they are paying for. 20 to 30% less! My job didn't get suddenly easier this month but what they are paying me got suddenly less. There are guys here that weren't making as much as me and working on the same stuff. My manager was always asking me why does so and so always take three hours and it only takes you a hour to get that fixed? Or he will ask why does that guy use so many parts compared to you. I always thought that was what I was being paid for, to fix the equipment and manage company assets to the best of my ablity. So now I will once again give this company what they are paying for, 30% less.

Send your cards in!!
Go Union!!!!

Anonymous said...

CINCO Shirts from CINTAS:
To understand how NCR practices “Strength in Unity”, just look at the label inside those “Five Free Shirts”. The CINTAS “Union Busters” have partnered with NCR to “Bust” Clothing Workers & Technicians

Teamsters Pledge To Support Effort To Organize Cintas Workers
Cintas has embarked on an anti-union, anti-worker effort and has systematically attempted to bust unions through decertification campaigns at unionized locations. The company has run decertification schemes at more than 40 locations since 1990.
“Cintas’ union busting tactics are a blatant attempt to silence its workforce,” said Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa. “We are pleased to be working with UNITE HERE to fight for justice for Cintas workers.”

Anonymous said...

You folks should take heed in what "oncewas" has to say. He speaks from experiance and a lesson learned. We ARE just resources to NCR. And it is time to protect our resources. Unfortunately he took a major screwing from NCR and it has only been getting worse. A LOT worse. The time is now for a union. Do not be mistaken! Call Steve@IBEW, get a card, sign it and get in in the mail TODAY!!! The vote is near. Time for a change in the right direction. Time to PROTECT our future here at NCR.

Anonymous said...

i'll post this a 2nd time since your boy deleted it the first time - great ethics trying to hide the truth. the ny ces get the same bonus, pension, benefits as everyone else. the CE1s start at 12.50/hr and ce2s start at 15.60/hr. if you don't believe this u didn't do your home work like i did. be smarter than that.

Anonymous said...

The five NCR shirts we got from CINTAS suck. After seeing them it seems like management picked out a very low quality shirt for us. I know I won't wear mine. They must be the first step up from the t-shirt line. I threw mine away. Wonder where we could get some IBEW shirts?

Make It Happen!!!

Anonymous said...

Second time, sounds like you are a management plant. I think you are the one starting a little miss information. There are plenty of NY and NJ CEs posting here and we here nothing but support from them. The starting wages for CE1 & 2 are too low every where. It isn't the starting rate that is the problem. The problem is what NCR has done to their dedicated employees. You better get on the IBEW train with us because I doubt that Nutty got his second jet for you.

Anonymous said...

the starting wages are very much a part of the problem. the IBEw has been pounding us with how much they are going to get us. why does the ny union have the same benefits, pension and bonus as everyone else and lower starting wages for ce1 and ce2. open your eyes and take your head out of your ass.

Anonymous said...

The company gave us the same crap about the starting wages in NY at their anti union meetings. They had the contract at the meeting , but they would not let us look at it. Strange don't you think. I am more interested in how their pay rate rises compaired to ours. If everything is the same as the non union people then what is the problem NCR.

Anonymous said...

Everyone starts a new job on the low end of the scale, that is to be excepted. The problem here is that a lot of us started out making those starting wages 25 to 30 years ago. We have worked our butts off at all hours of the day and night, doing what ever this company has asked us to do. We have gotten small raises and gone from CE1 to 2 and 3 during those years of dedicated service. Now we are back making what we were making almost 20 years ago, or less then 5 dollars an hour more then a no nothing guy right off the street could start out here as a CE2. Those starting wages are fine, thats just what they are starting wages. The problem here is how they treat their most knowledgeable and experienced people. None of this is about starting wages any where so just may be you should be the one pulling your head out and opening your eyes.

Go Union!!!

Anonymous said...

The guy who said Lester Ellis was an axe man when he was in new england is total bullshit. I was here then and the truth is he was the region director about 10 years ago for less than 2 years and it was very uneventfull. There was no axing or anything like that. If this blog is going to be nothing but lies, why do you bother. There is little credibility here with this kind blatant lying. I've had it with this stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Well guys I got my 5 shirts so uncle Cheat El us would have to pay for them I think they will make great rags working on the car or a good yard work shirt other than that they are an insult to every Tech!!


Anonymous said...

“Ethical” Executives?

• Mark Hurd, former CEO, who left NCR to take over HP. His agreement prevented him from working for another technology company for five years. He did it anyway!

• Bill Nuti, present CEO, was required to relocate to Dayton, OH as part of his agreement. He instead moved NCR’s executive offices to NYC!

• Chris Cheadle, ACS VP, lectured the New England CEs about forcing his CE3 Eliminations on the New York CEs. Too bad the law requires NCR to "negotiate" with Local 111 NOT with the New England CEs (Yet)!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
the starting wages are very much a part of the problem. the IBEw has been pounding us with how much they are going to get us. why does the ny union have the same benefits, pension and bonus as everyone else and lower starting wages for ce1 and ce2. open your eyes and take your head out of your ass.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

CE3 Elimination:

Having only “ONE Title” for ALL Technicians is like:

An Army with ALL Privates.
A Hospital with ALL Interns.
Baseball with 9 Pitchers.
The NCR Control Tower.

Wait until the Customers hear THIS!

Anonymous said...

Don't listen to these union busting idiots who lie and deceive.
Listen to the truth.
I started out with NCR in the union branch over 25 years ago making 15k per year. I left to work in a non-union branch about 20 years ago.
I now make 41.8k per year. My buddies who stayed in the union now make well over 60k per year.
They are also treated with respect and not forced to work insane hours.
The point is I started a career with NCR and ended up with a dead-end job. Young guys don’t let this happen to you vote union don’t be a fool and trust the company like I did.

Anonymous said...

NY CE Starting Pay

“the starting wages are very much a part of the problem” - February 22, 2008 4:11 PM
The Salaries you quoted may have been relevant several years ago.

Don’t you give your guys Annual RAISES?

YOU Stingy Shithead!

Anonymous said...

Getting Screwed - 101

NCR Makes a Profit - YOU get “Frozen”, “Co-paid”, and “Eliminated”

Daaaaa, Yeah, YOU need a UNION!

If you guys are too stupid to understand the value in Union Dues,
Then NCR & U are the “Perfect Couple”
Look at what “No Dues” has gotten you!

W A K E U P !

Anonymous said...


"Sounds like a dairy farmer who shoots his cows to save on feed."

but NCR is more devious than THAT!

They would first sell Cow Futures,
Starve the Cows for years,
Make the Cows take an "Ethics Class",
Get Federal Cow Subsidies,
Shoot the Cows,
Sell off their Meat & Hide,
Declare a Bonus (for themselves),



Anonymous said...

Every "Cause" needs a Rally Song:


(sung to the melody of Billy Joel's famous tune)

Williamson, Exley, even Stead,
CEs all should Drop Dead!
Nyberg, Hurd, and Nuti too,
Who is gonna speak for YOU?


Anonymous said...

so what are you going to promise me other than paying dues...the answer is nothing. oh ya I forgot the part of being represented and that other horse shit. i've been down this road. no thanks

Anonymous said...

Again, we have no other choice than to vote for a "UNION". They keep taking and taking and taking. Please get the word out to all the CE's across the nation. We must stand together, or they wil tear us apart and take and take and take again. Please sent those phone messages again. I love em!

My vote to unionize is "YES"

Anonymous said...



Nutti can kiss my ass!!! said...

"so what are you going to promise me other than paying dues...the answer is nothing. oh ya I forgot the part of being represented and that other horse shit. i've been down this road. no thanks"

We spprove the contract, before we pay dues, sounds like a win-win to me!!!!

Anonymous said...

Any of you against union people can work for this generous for this company, I hear they pay good. Maybe they will give you all a 1% pay increase. Give you Sundays for straight time. Work holidays for 37.50 if no calls come in. Pay hugh medical and dental co-payments. Start early and finish late, not payed. Bonus of 5% if you cook the books, RIM message saying you suck. Give you and your family a weekend at the HOLIDAY INN in Dayton.

If you don't want a union don't join.

As John F Kennedy said, rising tides lift all boats. Which means, If we do better, you will do better. The union will make your pay, benefits, working condition better.

If you don't join union, the company will be happy to take as much as they can from you. But the union people will not be able to help you, as you wanted to go at it alone. GOOD LUCK. IT IS UPPER MANAGEMENT AGAINST YOU. That is not good odds.

Anonymous said...


IBM, NCR and Hitachi named in China bribe verdict
By David Barboza / The New York TimesPublished: November 30, 2006

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SHANGHAI: Three large multinational companies were named in a court verdict that sentenced the former head of China Construction Bank to 15 years in prison for accepting more than $500,000 in bribes, according to a copy of the court records obtained Thursday.

International Business Machines, NCR and Hitachi were named and identified as having worked through a Chinese contact named Zou Jianhua in an effort to sell information technology services to the huge state-owned bank in 2003 and 2004.

The 20-page verdict, handed down by the No. 1 Intermediate Court in Beijing last month, said that while he was chairman of China Construction Bank, Zhang Enzhao met with senior managers from IBM and NCR on multiple occasions to enrich his longtime friend, Zou, who was acting as a middleman between the bank and several companies.

The court verdict said that Zou had collected large "service fees" from IBM and NCR and that Zou later passed valuable gifts on to the bank chairman, including a massage chair, a pair of Tiffany watches and a luxury apartment in Shanghai worth about $330,000.

If American companies knowingly made gifts or large payments to Chinese officials to win or influence business, they could be prosecuted in the United States under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977.

Today in Business with Reuters
German court returns first jail term in VW corruption scandalGenetech wins U.S. approval to use Avastin to treat breast cancer'NatWest 3' sentenced to 37 months each
In announcing the sentence against Zhang for accepting bribes, the Beijing court verdict cited the testimony of several former and current employees of IBM, NCR and Hitachi.

The court verdict also said that Zou had testified that "in order to make himself famous in the IT industry and make a large amount of money, he arranged meetings between Zhang and senior managers from IBM and NCR."

Zhang, who was named to the top position at the bank in 2002, resigned from it in March 2005 after a U.S. lawsuit accused him of accepting a $1 million bribe from an American company called Fidelity Information Services.

His resignation came seven months before China Construction Bank went public in a $9 billion stock offering in Hong Kong. Zhang was sentenced last month in Beijing and did not appeal his sentence.

IBM and NCR, which are both based in the United States, and Hitachi of Japan have all denied having knowledge of any bribes paid to Zhang.

The contents of the verdict had been reported earlier by Chinese media, and cited by the International Herald Tribune, but the companies said they could not confirm that they had been named because they had not seen it. However, a copy of the verdict obtained Thursday clearly identifies all three.

In response to previous reports about the verdict, the companies said in separate statements that they were looking into the matter.

It is unclear whether IBM or NCR won large contracts from China Construction Bank while Zhang was chairman. But IBM executives have said that China Construction Bank is a client.

The court verdict said that Zhang had recommended Hitachi for a contract but that the company did not win that particular deal.

Executives of China Construction Bank declined to comment Thursday on the case, saying only that Zhang had resigned from the bank for "personal reasons."

NCR said last month that Zou had a marketing-agent agreement with the company but was required to conduct business in a lawful manner. NCR, which is based in Ohio, said the company no longer works with Zou.

The case began in late 2004 when Grace & Digital Information Technology, a consulting company based in Beijing, filed a lawsuit in the United States against Fidelity Information Services, accusing it of failing to pay Grace & Digital $58 million for helping secure a large software contract.

Grace & Digital executives alleged that instead of fulfilling a software contract that dated back to 2001 but was temporarily suspended, Fidelity switched to using Zou as its middleman in 2002 to handle the software contracts and to negotiate with the bank and its new chairman, Zhang.

In the lawsuit, Grace accused Fidelity of paying bribes to Zhang through Zou.

Fidelity, a division of Fidelity National Financial, is not mentioned in the Beijing court's verdict. Lawyers for Fidelity said that Zou had worked as a Fidelity consultant and that he had helped Fidelity win a $14 million software deal with China Construction Bank.

The lawyers for Fidelity said that they had been introduced to Zou by IBM. They also said that Zou was a consultant working for a Hong Kong company called Prosten Technologies, and that after Fidelity won its $14 million contract, Fidelity made a $1 million payment to Prosten.
In the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Florida, Grace alleged that Fidelity paid for Zhang and other banking executives or their family members to travel to the United States, Europe and China on vacation, often accompanied by Zou.

The lawsuit also says that Fidelity reimbursed Zou for expenses that included shopping sprees in Hong Kong and other cities with bank officials or their families and that Zou gave Zhang the luxury apartment in Shanghai shortly after Fidelity paid his company, Prosten.

Anonymous said...

I believe that when we all signed on to work for ncr part of the agreement was that we do an an call rotation, ot when needed and yet the arguement is about all of that, but from what I read everyone is dogging the person who says something anti union because it seems everyone is pissed off at what they agreed to when they took the position. Also if all the pro union folks are so pissed off at NCR how come they still work for the company maybe becasue this is just another thing to complain about just like control tower and parts etc. It just seems like all just want to complain ya all probably go home at night and talk about work with your others

Anonymous said...

Mr. I believe, You are wrong. I would say that most of us if not all are mad as hell about the pay cut. All the complaining about the long hours we work is because of that. The service dept. is a large part of this company and a very important part. I will say it again, if NCR had a reputation for bad service, sales would not be able to sale much if anything, If the sale dept dosen't make sales there is no NCR. This company is making money but yet they give WCS CEs a paycut. Did all NCR employees across the board take a pay cut, NO. Only the CEs with the most to offer this company did. I don't know who you are or what you do, but I'm sure you work hard and deserve everything you make. Now how would you like to take a 30% pay cut just because and keep doing the same job you have always done. That doesn't sound to good does it. You have been working for this company along time and deserve what you are making just like we do. That is what this is all about.

Scum Sucking Pigs!!!!
Send Those Cards In!!!!

Anonymous said...

Starting Salaries Debate

You don’t even have a contract yet and you are allowing NCR Dead-enders to frame
their debate around the salaries for people who are not yet hired! It is NCR’s obligation
to offer a decent salary to get competent people. (this is NEVER part of the negotiated
Salary Pool) New Hires are Probationary – On Their Own until Tenured!

NCR must LIE to their New Hires about fictitious career opportunities in order to retain
them. Then, NCR blames the contract for prohibiting decent raises. Do you believe that
the New Hires don’t see the disgraceful morale problems associated with poor wages?
Customers also kind of “get the picture” very quickly.

Start planning on how to retrieve the 20% to 30% reductions that NCR just stole from
their Life-timers. Cheat-le has already set a high bar for Starting Salaries! (Hold him
to it)

Anonymous said...

Most of us start long before people like Nuti, Cheadle, and we are mad as hell about the way they run the company. When we are treated fairly and have a say in are working condition, we will be happy. If you are a CE, and don't mind the way we have been treated, with pay cuts, benefits cut, bonuses made only with lies. You can't be a CE. Just think about it makes me sick. The reason we DOG the anti union talk is because any sensible person would love to have a stable job. Either your management or believe they are paying you a fair wage? All I see is more cut.

you all know who this is said...

Hello all! The union is going to happen. We are getting close to the next step. The cards are important for this step so I hope you supporters mailed them in, if not get going. Hang in there everyone, new information coming very soon!

Anonymous said...

I took my "free NCR shirt" off the day I heard of the pay cuts. At first they went into the trash as I then figure out that NCR was too cheap to pay for real advertising. They were using us CE's to advertise for free wearing our logo shirts all around the country advertising at every WalMart and Home Depot we go into and to their customers. Well, my shirts went to GoodWill. So, I guess there are several homeless people now doing the dirty work. GO UNION.

Anonymous said...

If this union doesn’t get voted in then we are dumber than these MENTAL PATIENT MANAGERS who get on this blog and think pay cuts, sky rocketing benefit costs, ridiculous schedule changes and hours are just great.

If we don’t vote union, we’ll deserve all the CONDESCENDING LACK OF RESPECT they dish out!

Anonymous said...

you cannot have a union in an industry that is non-union. that will destroy this company and I will never vote for it. If you think otherwise you are kidding yourself. besides that, unions destroyed the auto industry in this country with their greed and unreasonable demands over the years in the face of rising cost and competition. all this crying about changing benefits and pensions is ridiculous. this is 2008 and not 1995 - the world economy has changed and if you think a union is going to change these things you're blind to the realities around you.

Anonymous said...

NAFTA and corporate greed destroyed the auto industry in this country. Mexico exported 200,000 cars last year thanks to NAFTA.

We just want A FAIR WAGE and treated with respect. HOW DO WE GET THAT WITHOUT A UNION?!

Anonymous said...

N.C.R = No Ce Respect
Vote Union!!!!! You can bet Cheat-le, Wallace and Nuti all have contracts. They are no better than we are.

Anonymous said...

30% less for 30% less


hammerhead said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, If you don't send your Union Card in and support the union you have your head up your ASS! Stop being ignorant and stupid or NCR will FUCK YOU!
I hope these upper management folks die in Nuti's plane in a crash and burn in hell!

Anonymous said...

To the person who said the UNION destroy our auto industry: It is the stupid auto industry managers who destroyes it not Union. Toyota offers almost the same benifits as the big three to workers in U.S. but it still MAKES money.A fact/practical joke I heard from a friend who got it from a book about American Auto Industrial:
about 25 years ago, right after Oil crisis. Amercan goverment made new regulations of the new auto that will improve the milage and less pollution, and so on..
Japaness brought the heavy book of all new requirments and regulation back to Japan. And then Japaness hired twenty thousand engineers to study those rules and requirements to make the new auto for US market. Meanwhile those Big Three hirde twenty thousand LAWYERs to fight with goverment and lobby congress to change the new requirements and did nothing about the new auto they should made.
We know what happen next and now. So, DON NOT blame the UNION or workers. The leaders/top managers of the BIG Three screwed up.They did not do the right thing. Shame on them.
Also, I think you seems to be very very NOBLE that you are willing to sacrify youself and your family's wellbeing to save the whole NCR in the future. You are either a saint or insane???

Anonymous said...

mr hammerhead, your vulgarity and hateful attitude are so typical of the union mentality. you'll be right at home in the union. I wish you the best in your self imposed misery.

Everyday is a holiday said...

This is an edited repost from two of my previous posts. I just want to remind all will the all conjeture in this blog that keep focused on reality.

I retired in 2005 and have never looked back. I had 43 years with The Cash. I loved my job, went through a number of union votes, was a manager 3 times (I wouldn't spout the company line) but they kept coming back to me when the s__t hit the fan and they paid for it. Guys it has been a tough road to hoe in the last 10 years. Do what you think is best. BUT remember that unions are a business too; they pay their people based on how many members they can get, not on how lucrative the contract is for their people.
They are also in it for a profit. To my knowledge there are no unions registered as a non profit organization. MAKE DAMN sure you know what you are getting yourselves into. Be sure you have an exit strategy from the union; know what it is and how to make it happen. Best of luck no matter which way you vote, but make sure you DO vote

Anonymous said...

Hey! Hammerhead is just angry, as are we all. He is most likely in this for the long run as he has a vested interest in this company. Cheat-us and Nutty don't have a vested interest. They will be hear a few years, just long enough to get their millions of dollars in bonuses golden parachutes, and they will be gone. They will go on to some other company and rape that one too. They don't have a vested interest in NCR, they don't care about the employees, oh they will tell us that every thing is great and take away our 4th and 5th week of vacation the next day. Where else can a CE with 30 years of experience exspect to make 4.50 an hour more than someone right off the street could start at. No where that I know of except NCR. I know for a fact that IBM moved a bunch of their high end sorter guys into what we would call tier 2 a couple of years ago and didn't cut any wages.

GO Union!!!

Anonymous said...

Wrong Again

everyday is a holiday - Feb.24, 2008 4:14 PM

Hey Old-timer, just for your education, Unions ARE Non-profit Organizations.

The Cash is now the BASH!

You are not joining the Third Reich!
Unions are what made America GREAT!
Remember the '50s when Truck Drivers could afford Homes?

Anonymous said...


The International Brotherhood of Teamsters, with 1.4 million members, is one of the largest labor unions in the world. It is also the most diverse union in the U.S.

Today, it would be hard to identify a Teamster on the streets because we are everywhere. The union represents everyone from A to Z - from airline pilots to zookeepers. One out of every ten union members is a Teamster.

Local Unions

There are hundreds of Teamsters local unions across North America. The local unions and their members are the heart and backbone of the union.

Unlike other labor unions, the Teamsters Union is structured to promote strong local unions, and strong local leaders. Since the locals negotiate most Teamsters contracts and provide most of the services to the members, they keep most of the dues money. Locals retain their own expert labor lawyers, certified public accountants, full-time business agents, organizers, and clerical staff.

The members of each local elect their own officers, devise their own structure, and vote on their own bylaws, compatible with the International Constitution and Bylaws. While enjoying their independence, the locals benefit from the expertise and assistance of the International Union, and of the various conferences and councils in the union’s structure.

Anonymous said...

Be careful. When we were going Union in NJ people were being followed. One CE was accused of Sexual Harassment. The main organizers were left in FLT when the rest were switched over to NCR. It could get nasty as this Blog has already shown, but don't be afraid and don't give up the fight. Go Union.

Anonymous said...

I think a lot of people honestly don't know what a union can do for the working man and his family.

My father came to the US from Italy after WW2. He could not speak a word of English. He learned how to weld and joined the Iron Workers Union.

I came from a family with 9 children. My mother never had to work, we lived in a great town in a beautiful house and I never went to bed hungry. My father retired in his early 60's with a great pension.

To put it in my father's words, "This is a great country. I came here with no money, no education and made more money then college people, thanks to the union.”

I on the other hand with no union just got a giant pay cut, my pension was frozen. My wife has to work and I may have to sell my house. I still have 2 teenagers to take care of. And retiring in my early 60's, forget about it.

I hope this real life explanation helps people understand the benefits of a union.

Anonymous said...

Great post explaining union. GO UNION GO UNION, LET KEEP THE BALL MOVING

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Be Careful - Feb. 24, 2008 6:00 PM


CE-3 Eliminations: NCR knows that this leads to Bad Morale and Low Productivity.

Contract Expirations: NCR anticipates that this will be a period of “Rule Book” evaluations.

Manager Interrogations: NCR performs Field Visits to check the “Whereabouts” of CEs.

They WILL start Cracking the WHIP!


Anonymous said...

30% less for 30% less. What goes around comes around..

GO Union!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Is everyone's manager real excited about the New NCR. I bet they are, and I'm excited too. I have taken my cut to help the company be more competitive in todays market. I am even trying to think of other ways to help NCR be more competitive. Here is one thing I think will really help. All managers should move down one pay band, this would not include Cheatum or anyone above him. For example, all TMs would move down to assistant TM. All AFODs would move down to TM and all FODs world be paid as AFODs and so forth and so on. Of course they would all continue doing the same job that they have always done. This is a very exciting plane and something I feel management could really get behind and drive this to completion. Of course I will not except any type of bonus for this plan as I want as much as possible to go back into NCR to help our profitability. Hope this meets with everyones approval.

Anonymous said...

I second the motion!!

Anonymous said...

"I second the motion"...That UNION talk.. Get it!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely everyone who goes to training in Dayton should be spreading the word about the union movement, but only during breaks or after work. DO NOT discuss this during work hours or on company equipment. Vote UNION!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If you read back through all these posts you'll realize they're all written by the same 4 or 5 people. You don't have a union movement going on here. You just have a few illiterate, vulgar, and simple minded people sounding off. You'll also notice that the number exclamations points attached to a post is directly proportional to the ignorance of the statement. Normally, the loudmouths are the ones you cannot find when it comes to actually doing the deed. Put some thought into it. Do you really want to follow someone who cannot convert a thought into a complete and comprehensible sentence?

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